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Miles for Missions
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Miles for Missions Awareness Page
Miles for Missions wants to help make you aware of the awesome non-profits in our area. Missions are not just international but are also local.

Here are some local non-profits. We will also be updating this with other mission trips.

Raising awareness to others about human trafficking and sexual abuse is important to me because I was abused as a little girl by more than one man. I understand how it affects your self-worth, relationships throughout your life, and also your decisions. I’m very thankful that my mom put me in therapy because I had such bad nightmares related to the abuse even though I blocked out most details of the abuse until my first pregnancy. It was a long road for me to cope with the abuse so it breaks my heart when I hear of how many men and women are still affected by it. I believe most of the girls/women involved in trafficking abuse have experienced some form of abuse before.
The only way to stop abuse is to confront it and help free the women going through it or those who may have already been through it. Our goal is to sponsor billboards to inform the public and open more eyes to the situation. Our ministries have hope to save so many others, guide them through their pain, cope and move on to lead healthy lives in the future.